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Note: We have changed our Policy Making & Categorizing Policy. We will be reviewing and reorganizing all current policies to follow the new organization system in monthly installments. New Policies are organized with a code and start with a letter. 

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C-001: Travel, Subsistence and Honorarium Policy
C-002: Donation Policy  
C-003: Delegation to Council Policy  
C-004: Meeting Agenda Policy  
E-001: Employment Agreement Policy
E-002: Employee Evaluation Policy  
E-003: Leaves of Absence Policy  
General Administration:
GA-001: Policy Making & Categorizing Policy
GA-002: Notice of Council Meeting Policy  
GA-003: Public Participation Policy  
GA-004: Complaint Forms Policy  
GA-005: Computer Backup Policy  
1204 - Grant Endorsement  
1211 - Land Sale Agreement for Lots Requiring Development  
F-001: Issuance of Accounts Payable Cheques Policy
F-002: Unbudgeted Expenditures Policy  
F-003: Purchasing Policy  
F-004: 5 Year Capital Plan Policy  
Fire Protection:
2300 - Fire Safety & Maintenance Program - Revised
Public Works:
PW-001: Service Agreement Policy
PW-002: Snow Removal Policy  
PW-003: Skunk Trap Rental Policy  
PW-004: Inspection Policy  
PW-005: Access to Transfer Site Policy  
Land, Subdivision, & Development:  
LSD-003: Non-Residential Development Incentive Policy  
LSD-004: Municipipal Planning Commision (MSP) Meeting Procedure  
LSD-005: Land Use Bylaw Enforcement  
Health & Safety: 
HS-001: Drug & Alcohol Policy
HS-002: Transportation of Dangerous Goods Policy  
HS-003: Harrassment Policy  
HS-004: Council's Statement of Commitment Policy  
HS-005: Chief Administrative Officer's Statement of Commitment Policy  
HS-006: Assignmenet of Responsibility & Accountability for Safety Policy  
Recreational Operations:  
RO-001: Campground Reservation Policy  
U-001: Municipal Utility Service Policy  

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